Affordable Semi-Automated Ad Management for Amazon Sellers

Samurai Seller has a sophisticated system to guide sellers to make the best decisions. Using hundreds of different metrics from Amazon directly, we have a very good idea of what will make you sell more. But a slight human check makes our tool nearly fool-proof as you can see every change made. Nothing is hidden from you.


I’m finally getting my ACOS under control! My ad costs were $1,200-$1,500 per day last month. Now they are $600-700 per day with similar sales volume. Samurai Seller helps you figure out where you’re being dumb and scaling back where needed. So pretty damn happy about that.

- Chris, Multiple 7-figure Amazon Seller

Intelligent Analysis Tools and Suggestions Boost Your Campaign With Sales Increasing and Waste Reducing Suggestions

Bid Optimizer

Suggestions to get you to your target ACoS, by Keyword or ASIN Target, keeping track of every bid change historically so you get accurate and smart suggestions.


Gather data on a search term level for the entire time you are connected to Samurai. Amazon limits your Search Term reports to the last 60 days, once you are connected to Samurai, you will never have to worry about losing your search term performance Data.

Collect information about your top performers so you can launch campaigns for different ad types, for off-Amazon advertising, and gain deep insight into your customers needs and why they want your product.

Quick Negative Matcher

See all of your waste from campaigns that are hidden to Campaign Manager Keywords. This key information has saved some single users Tens of Thousands of dollars in ad spend from the simple dashboard. This shows key information that many people see for the first time on the tool, because the information is not easily available on Seller Central. You can see everything at a glance without downloading the humungous Search Term reports which sometimes only confuse people.

Keyword Extraction

Move your top performing search terms into Campaigns ideally structured for success, which can be controlled much better with clear targeting and not mixed match types.

Profit and Ads Dashboard

FULL VISIBILITY in your profits from Amazon. See your Gross and Net margins, watch your true ROI, see graphs of your sales over time by day or by week. Combine your SKUs by Parent ASIN to see how profitable the group is, the Total ACOS by grouping or single product. Set up your product costs and off-Amazon costs to see your profit margins as a company or by brand. Even see your estimated storage fees by SKU so you get a real look into profitability. You also get quick metrics of days of stock left calculated based on the sales of the time period you choose.

Easily filter by product or product line to see their profitability together, and export this to excel format or even a print-ready PDF. Set smart filters to easily group for weekly reports.

Compare to Previous Periods of Sales or Profit

See how you compared to last week or last month or last 14 days, etc. See where your gains or losses are coming from for full visibility into actions to take as a manager.

Scheduled Tasks and Day Parting

Do you need a boost for ad spend for a lightning deal or 7-day deal? Do this easily adjusting budgets, spend or placements for only the time period you want. You can also set up day-parting where your ad doesn’t run during times you know customers are not likely to buy.

Create Campaigns

Create campaign using the most ideal structure of campaigns easily for a product without having to go through creating campaigns over and over in campaign manager. Here you can create a structure for ideal keyword isolation, including product targeting, auto, and a set of manual targeting to fit the best strategies out there.

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