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Samurai Automator is designed with your ACOS, spend and sales goals in mind, so you can have more time to run your business or spend time with loved ones.

  • Optimize bids and budgets without lifting a finger.
  • Automatically find new search terms that convert for you.
  • Powerful analytics that keep you informed of our progress toward your advertising goals.
  • Simple setup wizard to get you started.

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Integrated solutions designed for Amazon PPC Management

Advertise smart with automated tools that work for you 24/7.



Improve efficiency with our automated solution. See results with our transparent reporting and robust analytics.



See every detail. We don't hold anything back. Drill down to the nitty-gritty detais. A few simple knobs will customize our algorithms to suit your needs.



Manage mutiple accounts with ease. Our simple setup wizard makes onboarding a breeze and gives you more time for customization.

Reduce your ACOS.

Manage your acos with the simple click of a button. We get to work straight away adjusting bids.

Control your Spend

With Samurai you can set specific spend goals. We will rework all of your bids/budgets accordingly.

Increase your Conversion Rate.

Our algorithms analyze millions of data points per day and adjust your bids/budgets to increase conversion rate rate on relevant keywords.


How to properly use Samurai Seller software

Real-time PPC management on all of your products.

Amazon PPC is constantly evolving. Clicks are more competative, more costly and drive traffic faster than ever — and the most successful sellers are leveraging the power of Amazon Advertising to grow their businesses.

Samurai Automator is designed with sellers in mind, so you can set up, track and analyze all of your products with ease. Our algorithms do the heavy lifting.

Trusted by over 1000 professional Amazon Sellers

  • Managed Spend
  • Average ACOS
  • Keyword Records Processed
    30 billion

Frequently Asked Questions

This can be done by changing the strategy setting for the group of products in question. You can manage by spend or by ACOS/Total ACOS.
In general we adjust bids up to once per day. Budgets are monitored throughout the day and adjusted as needed, up to several times per day.
It can, although we recommend moving everything over to our structure for optimal results. Our wizard will walk you through this process.
Yes. Budgets are controlled, new opportunities are harvested as needed, negative targeting is applied where required, etc.

Explore Your Ads

Between the automated setup wizard, graphical display of key performance indicators and flexible configuration options, we’ll have your account rolling in no time.

Amazing Features

We are constantly adding new features and pride ourselves with quickly adapting to new Amazon advertising releases.
Here are some of the currently available features:

Rapid Onboarding

Simple wizards with powerful functionality will guide you through the process.

Hands-on Support

If you have any difficulaties or questions we are an email or call away.

Bid Analysis & Adjustment

Robust bid adjustment algorithms. They are set up for optimal results out of the gate and fully customizable.

Keyword Extraction

Extracts into ad placement optimized campagins. Tries out new keywords across ad types.

Budget Optimization

Ever have your best campaign run out of budget while the worst continue to spend. Never again.

Auto Learning

We recognize patterns in your performance data and optimize accordingly.

Get ready to discover all the benefits and secrets of our amazing software.

With a minimal amount of input we can get started optimizing your account. You tell us which ASINs to work on and choose a strategy.

  • We check performance and do all bid changes.
  • We also optimize campaign budgets.
  • We extract new keywords and ASINs across ad types.
  • You keep tabs via our analytics pages.
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