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Ad Samurai Automated Ad Management

As an Amazon seller, you probably already know that Amazon ads are a great way to get in front of potential customers and beat the competition. You probably also know it can be a lot of work to manage your ads and keep track of your bids and the return on this investment.

With Ad Samurai, instead of spending hours a day trying to sort through information to determine how you should adjust your ad spending (or worse yet, not having time to even get to it), we provide you with intelligent analysis tools and suggestions that smoothly guide you through tuning your ads for optimum performance.

As many sellers have experienced, the success of your ad campaigns can make or break your product and its bottom line.

Let us help you make your campaigns a cost-effective success!


  • Bid suggestions to get you to your target ACoS (Advertising Cost of Service), managed by keyword.
  • Find out which keywords you need to negative match because they are killing your profitability through overspending on keywords that don't sell. Increase conversion rate, qualify your traffic.
  • In-depth analytics on your search terms without ever having to download ANY report from Amazon. Keeps a full history, while Amazon's data become unavailable through Seller Central after 60 days. DON'T LOSE YOUR DATA.
  • Group all your best keywords that are hidden inside phrase, broad and auto campaigns into performance campaigns set up to branch out and find more keywords. Get the most sales at your target ACOS.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes of course. We believe we offer a great service and are always available for technical support and questions on our contact page. However, if you do not like our service, you can cancel whenever. There are no contracts involved.

Which Amazon Marketplaces do you support?

We support all marketplaces that Amazon allows developer access. This includes: United States, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia, United Arab Emirates, India and Singapore. We will continue to add marketplaces as Amazon makes them available. If yours is not on the list, be sure to check back with us soon as Amazon may add it!

What other features do you offer?

We are hard at work every day building new tools for sellers. We are also open for feature requests, so if you need any specific thing built, feel free to contact us directly and we may be able to build it for you.

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Pricing Info

Samurai Seller is actively doing upgrades and developing new and exciting features. We can't wait to show to them to you. In anticipation, we have a special offer of 50% off our current functionality for as long as you're signed up. This is a limited-time offer that we're giving to you as a thanks for signing up now and helping us grow and improve. We appreciate it!

Billing is done monthly, per merchant profile, based on your Amazon Sponsored ad spend.

  • Monthly ad spend up to $2,000: $20/mo
  • Monthly ad spend up to $5,000: $40/mo $20/mo
  • Monthly ad spend up to $10,000: $80/mo $40/mo
  • Monthly ad spend up to $15,000: $120/mo $60/mo
  • Monthly ad spend up to $20,000: $150/mo $75/mo
  • Monthly ad spend up to $25,000: $175/mo $87.50/mo
  • Monthly ad spend up to $30,000: $200/mo $100/mo
  • Monthly ad spend up to $35,000: $225/mo $112.50/mo
  • Monthly ad spend up to $40,000: $250/mo $125/mo
  • Monthly ad spend up to $45,000: $275/mo $137.50/mo
  • Monthly ad spend up to $50,000: $300/mo $150/mo
  • Each additional $50,000 Ad Spend: +$150/mo +$75/mo
  • (All prices are in USD)
We are committed to providing an effective service at a fair price. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. Agency pricing is also available for qualifying ad agencies.
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