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Product Readiness Launch Checklist

The Product Readiness Launch Checklist is a comprehensive 16-step guide to preparing your product for a successful launch on Amazon. It will also help you perform a complete review and optimization of your existing listing.

Product Readiness Launch Checklist

1. Main Image

The main image has been surveyed and confirmed to be stronger than competitor images, especially when top keywords are searched on Amazon.

2. Secondary Images

The rest of the images exist and each shows/relays some ADDITIONAL or new information, aspect or benefit/use of the product.

3. Title

The title is written using the most relevant highly searched Keywords as well as adding any other important information to it, especially into the first 8-12 words (that tend to be the ONLY words one sees when Amazon truncates the title on search results, mobile etc.)

4. Brand or A+ Content

Show off the brand, the product line and anything else that looks good visually. Use the features Amazon provides in this section and keep an eye on new ones they are and will be adding such as clickable buttons etc.

5. Positioning

Both text and images should take into account not only the basic data about your product but also sell the idea of how this will make the end user’s life easier or how it will make them feel, improve their perceived status in their own or their friends’ eyes, etc.

6. Bullet Points

Keep. In mind that a very high percentage of visitors tend to SCAN rather than read every line. Because of that your First Bullet Point is probably going to be viewed more often than your second one etc. Additionally, the first sentence of a Bullet Point is also more likely to be scanned/read than the second one etc.

For this reason use your more important words and put your more important messages that you want your visitors to see right away in those spots.

7. Listing Copy

Make sure your sentences communicate. Many times being more SPECIFIC is better on Amazon. For example, a product that o only says it is for the “full body” might not answer the potential buyer’s question SPECIFICALLY enough hence they might rather buy the one that lists out the body parts being referred to (arms, legs, face, etc.) INCLUDING the body parts they are intending to address.

8. Video

Having ANY video is better than no video. Use an app or solutions Amazon provides for video creation if you do not want to hire someone, but don’t be left behind by not having some video content. Also realize that anyone (customers and sellers) can also post additional videos on the page so encourage people to do so and do this yourself as well.

9. Reviews

To build social proof faster look into using Amazon’s Vine service to get reviews faster.

10. Price

When launching a new product that needs to compete with more established existing products many times price is pretty much the ONLY real advantage a buyer can see when choosing the new product with zero review versus one that is well reviewed and highly rated. Do not make the mistake of pricing your product so high that no one can see a reason to choose it over other products on the market.

11. Amazon Posts

Another free feature that you can utilize in order to create more content around your product.

12. Social Media

Post about your product launch and provide the link so people can buy it. Promote your product off Amazon because that will give you a boost at the beginning.

13. External Ads

Such ads sending traffic to your Amazon listing can boost your ranking even at a relatively low budget. Consider using Google Ads first in the current environment before any other ad type.

14. Follow-Up

Your brand should utilize product inserts and QR codes to provide any follow-up to customers and ensure their experience is great.

15. Review Requests

Don’t be afraid of potentially bad reviews. If they are true at least now you know what should be improved about the product or packaging and so on. If they are maybe not 100% accurate then the overwhelming majority of reviews will be positive and the bad ones will get ignored as edge cases. Use the Review Request button to have Amazon send emails to your customers asking for reviews.

16. Influencers

You can find Influencers who will post videos about your product (don’t ask for a review and especially NEVER for specifically a positive review) for no cost except sending them a free product. As long as you believe them posting something will help your visibility use that specific Influencer if you can.

Listing Process Video

For more examples and ideas, check out this video from Aaron Cordovez, co-founder of Samurai Seller and a 9-figure Amazon seller, where he shares how he optimizes his listings.

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